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Monday, November 30, 2009

I WONDER..... 

Twenty Five days until Christmas. Wait a minute……how can that be right ! Becky and I made the trek to Springfield yesterday and finished our shopping for this weekend when we will entertain the family. Things worked out better for everyone so we will have a “latethanksgivingandearlyChristmas.” Sometimes you just gotta-do what you gotta-do.

As we drove yesterday we saw flock after flock of geese flying from the north headed south. I love to hear them go over, but like my mother, for some reason it makes me feel lonesome. One of the best places in the country to see geese taking a break from their long flight is Desoto Bend, on the river just south of Blair, NE. My mother was born there in 1904 and may be the reason she was drawn to them the rest of her life.

Those of us who were born and have spent our lives in the Mid-West are drawn to the seasonal things of Mother Nature. It is a vast domain for the natural species who also call the space “home.” The cities of concrete and miles of glass and lights have no “call” to me like the wild geese.

One of the best things I ever read concerning them was a goose that became frozen in the shallow water it was standing in. When the flock began moving and ready for flight, two others realized the plight of the stranded bird and began chipping away at the ice with their bills and freed the bird.

I have often wondered who was the most gratified. The one that took flight with the others or the two who freed it. For it is in helping others that we become closer to the Savior who freed us all.

Essentially Esther

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I would like to extend a heartfelt greeting to all my family and friends. I will be seeing some of you soon and for the rest……my gratitude comes across the miles to each and every one of you.

In person or by connecting through the internet, I am fond of each and every one. You have impacted my life in different ways. Kind words and caring words when trouble came my way found a place in my heart. I have been fortunate to have the best family and friends this side of heaven.

I am most grateful for a loving God. He has kept me on a good road by His nudging (sometimes a push here and there) and I owe everything I have and everything I am to Him. I have never given up anything to follow a risen Savior……but I have changed in many ways……trying to see the world and my fellow man as He sees them.

May you find peace this day and gratitude. A life well lived has no regrets and imparts the most valuable gift, which is love. May He always reign in your life and guide you to the ultimate feast of Thankfulness.

Essentially Esther

Monday, November 23, 2009


........are so important. In my case, my good neighbors moved out-of-state several years ago but moved back to their hometown later. Becky and I were so glad to have them back. We help each other in ways that are meaningful. I am the oldest but I can be counted on to act younger than my age on occasion…..Mc Arthur maintained age is only a frame of mind. Well, I happen to think he is right.

Though they no longer live next door we have maintained a long friendship and count on each other when those times come along that we need some help. This is the man who has kept the yards mowed, trimmed, leaf removal and who does all the heavy things I can’t lift.

For their privacy I do not mention names but I am so grateful to be able to keep my little acre looking nice. It was later, after Rocky died that they moved back and I am always in awe when I see the way God removes obstacles for people like me who would just have to sit and look at a weed patch. I’m not helpless but the yard has sure suffered this year because of my unexpected fracture.

I had the best intention of cleaning house today but when I saw smoke billowing up in the lot next door (my son’s lot) I knew my neighbor was burning and cleaning. It will look right nice when Mr. George gets down here early in December. Like so many, I love seeing those big piles of leaves and tree branches burn. After a day or two there is no trace of the mess it was.

My mother used to say, “Esther, don’t worry about the weeds in your flowers. A good frost takes care of them and next Spring you can start even again.” Well, I sure hope she is right because this is one time when I really need a free pass with the yard work.

Tomorrow I go to one of my friend’s for “girls day”…….three of us settle the problems of the world, keep our fingers busy on projects and have a lot of fun laughing. Three old gals can afford to laugh. Not much scares you after a long life that has pretty much seen everything. Why worry? God is running the show and that takes the worry away to the Someone who can deal with it.

I’m so glad I don’t have to worry about it all…………go out and visit an old friend and let your cares roll away. That’s exactly what I’m going to do……….if God allows……..

Essentially Esther

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


My little world is cold, breezy, dark and rainy. Not the way I would have asked for the birthday of my dear Rocky. I miss so much of the way it was…..filled with the fascination of each other…..the feeling of living our youth all over again. Life filled with wonderment at our connection after all those years apart. Our soul mates.

As we prepared to leave Eureka Springs where we were married and spent our first few days Rocky became quiet…….he said he didn’t want to go back to the world we left. The days in Eureka Springs were in April and each day was a surprise because it was not planned. We just wanted the days to go on forever, walking the winding sidewalks and stopping when something caught our interest.

The second day Rocky had arranged for us to go to the Passion Play. It was a wonderful balmy moonlight evening and the live production was gripping. Though the crowd was large and we sat on bleachers above the set the acoustics were excellent. There were a lot of children in the audience but it remained quiet during the whole presentation.

That was “so Rocky.” He always wanted to give me anything he thought I would enjoy. He knew I would enjoy the play because of my commitment to Christ. It was a wonderful evening under the moon and stars.

Our life was always that way. We wanted to give each other the best that we had. It would be the last love for either of us. We just didn’t know it would end so soon. Rocky would have been 78 today……a very young 78. He never grew up and never intended to. None of us wanted him to. He was playful, funny and strong. Nothing could shake his inner strength and he was always the first one to help someone in trouble.

Rocky left this world on April 24th, 2007. He fought cancer with every fiber he had. He wanted to live but when he found it was inevitable he faced death with the same strength he exhibited throughout his life. He left many friends and family members to grieve his loss.

The picture is the way I like to remember him. I have missed him every moment since he left us….and I will until we meet again.

Essentially Esther

Monday, November 16, 2009


Monday, raining, football ! Perfect ! On Monday’s I always watch my favorite team’s replays over and over. Why? Because I can. All those years working, I promised myself I would do what I wanted after retirement. That was kind of silly because you never really retire…..especially if you are an active retiree and have family or friends.

If you have any talents….there is always a great need of them. As a woman, I find the house-work goes on the same. If you are a widow you have to master some of those “honey-do” jobs yourself. I try not to weigh in on friendship or family…..if possible I hire work done…..put up with…..or get over.

My recovery of the fracture is just about 100% and after the long duration it will be good to get back to my own speed. It isn’t such a big deal, other than you just have to go with the flow and don’t get in a hurry. I rather enjoyed part of it but alas ! Now the housework begins again.

With almost daily warnings about medications that are supposed to remove symptomatic issues, plus side effects that invade us with more problems it is becoming my belief we are safer without any of them. We don’t give our bodies enough credit to heal it’s self.

For instance, think of the afflictions we can control or alleviate all together just by a healthy diet. I know……now I’ve gone to meddling and I love all those good tasting bad foods as well. However, I am convinced more every day it is essential to be smart about what we eat. I’ve always been on-again off-again about diets……not to lose weight but healthy diets. I’m a sugar addict but I’m believing I can change that.

Speaking of that, it is my lunch time so bring on those veggies !! The picture is of Miss Callie in the chair and Chevy on the deck. My long-time furry friends. If you want a good buddy…..feed that next stray or adopt one from the local shelter. You’ll be glad you did…….

Essentially Esther

Thursday, November 12, 2009


The camera is once again sending pictures to the PC and here is the picture I promised of Napoleon. His tail feathers are growing back and he’s already got a little bit of a strut anticipating how beautiful he will be. After roosting around all summer he is back in my large oak again. I’ll have to say, I enjoy watching him fly up when the sun is slipping down under the horizon. He is and always will be a fascination to me.

He is a very rare bird. I don’t know anything about peacocks other than the friendship Napoleon and I have developed. I know I can goggle and find out everything about them but I like to let our friendship develop as it goes along. All I know is how much he loves cookies, cake, bread, muffins……anything sweet. In cold weather I feed him canned and dry cat food. That’s his staple but the sweets are the treats he looks forward to.

I’ll keep you up on the growth rate of his tail……I like to share his life with the ones of you who really enjoy him. Yesterday a new neighbor down the street saw me feeding him cookies and stopped in to inquire about him. When their house was being built Napoleon was often down that way seeing what was going on in ‘his’ neighborhood. He’s very nosey and anyone in their yard usually gets his attention.

Our neighbor was concerned because he didn’t see him around anymore. I assured him he was alive and well so he was pleased. An obvious lover of animals….he owns cats and so he watches the critters that roams the neighborhood. I have five extra cats coming around in the evening when I feed my garage cats and let them in. It’s getting to be as bad as a Sonic or Dairy Queen when they all come at once.

Well, as you can imagine my days are taken up a lot with my furry friends….from birds and squirrels to cats, dog and Napoleon, they all have me trained with what they like to eat and when. They are good companions, all, and make me feel that something still needs me around.

So from me and all the critters…….that’s it for today. I’ve got to go put a couple loaves of bread in the oven to bake. Tomorrow is my day to see my friend in the nursing home and she loves homemade bread so that will be her treat tomorrow. Good night from my part of the Ozarks…….

Essentially Esther

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I wonder what all of you are doing as I sit here and write. This goes places and is read by folks I will never meet or know but Essentially Esther is known to many of you. Maybe for the first time. As I write I know I have cousins out there who read to keep up with my part of the family……..which is mostly critters now.

A friend whom I do know sent me this picture last night after reading my dilemma with the camera/PC thing again. Today I will fix that and tomorrow will hopefully have one of Napoleon for you. After losing everything down to where he looked like a plucked chicken, he is beginning to grow his beautiful plumage again. Each year it gets longer. If he survives many more years he won’t be able to drag it around.

Years, months, weeks and days break down into hours and today is significant because it is unrolling as the clock ticks by….it’s the only time we have right now. Where will the next waking hours take us? I think about silly things that come across my mind. Like I was wondering what a pile of food would look like that I have prepared in my lifetime……or how big would a stack of dishes be that I washed all those years……(before dishwashers were ever thought of.) It would be scary to see the amount of food I’ve eaten in my lifetime for instance.

Speaking of Napoleon, I noticed he was laying outside my window enjoying the warm sun. I took a break and gave him some cookies. He is so trusting of me I could almost feed him out of my hand…..but one look at his beak discourages that from ever happening. I’ve seen him peck a cat rather hard on it’s head and they know when he’s eating, he doesn’t believe in sharing.

I’m looking forward to tonight as I’m hooked on Dancing With the Stars. Tonight is going to be good because Michael Buble and Susan Broyles are both on the program. I love them both. Right now it’s lunch time so I’ll quit with this. I hope you enjoy my friend’s picture. How could you not love an old barn with Fall everywhere?

Essentially Esther

Monday, November 09, 2009


Computers are a funny thing. If you are over sixty they can be downright aggravating. My son George was trying to help me on the phone and soon realized his mother was nowhere near even the language. I found out that default meant “where do you want it to go”? Well, shux !! If I’d known that I’d have quit clicking “no” every time it came up.

I took some pictures of my critters and they were downright cute. However, when it wanted to default them I promptly clicked no. I didn’t want them going somewhere because they were “faulty”…….I have no idea where those pictures are. Somewhere in the vast reaches of the mysterious PC. Some day they may pop up again and this time I’ll know that I do want to default them. I never live a day without learning something new.

I guess I should be embarrassed with the lack of PC savvy but I’m not. Why would I be telling the blogger world about it if I were embarrassed? One nice thing about being over 60.….over 70 and on……that all of that prideful stuff is silly. If you goof up, pick yourself up and call your kids for a little structural conversation. It really makes them feel good to know they are smarter than me.

My son recommended I enroll in a computer class at the junior college in the next town. Now that’s just useless. Why would I want to do that when I can call and ask him? Anyway, I know how to email, blog, transfer pictures and surf the net. That’s plenty to know……unless I forget to default.

It’s time to post so I’ll find a picture and put it on just to dress up my column. I have plenty to draw from…….except the ones I really want.

Essentially Esther

Friday, November 06, 2009


(The picture of the moon was supplied by one of the girls from “girls day.”)
Summer at last !! After months of cooler than average temps and with more rain than average we are having a rash of warm dry days. Who would have thought in November? We’ve had the coolest (almost cold) summer on record.

With our water table almost zero the past several years we were over our yearly average by September. How strange is that? This weekend is going to be perfect for outdoor activities. For a lot of us that will mean raking leaves. This year our trees were not their usual impressive beauty. They simply just dropped off.

This week I have been up and about more which is great. However, I don’t want to overdo it so I just do the fun things and ignore the household duties. Today I plan to go out on the deck and soak up some Vitamin D……after all the dark rainy days I feel like a mushroom.

Our moon has been so beautiful the past few nights. Nice and full, casting a soft light on everything below. Law enforcement has always said the full moon brings out the weird stuff in all of us. It certainly does with cats !! Each night this week I’ve had trouble getting all three of them in the garage to feed and shut in until morning. Last night it was Callie. She came to the door and then bolted back out. Each time I tried to get her in she would run off and act crazy. The final attempt before my bedtime brought her in.

One day this week I hosted our “girls day.” It is one of those things that make you feel you’re living in Mayberry. Good friends you can tell anything to or listen to and it stays right where we are. Today I will visit a friend who lives in an assisted living complex in the next town up the road. That’s pretty much life in a small town in the good ol’ USA.

My high of the week was Favre winning over the Packers in a decisive way. I was so nervous at times I had to turn the volume down. That seems to calm me enough to watch. Rocky’s brother and his wife went to the game and brought me souvenirs and yesterday I received a paper with a large picture and the write-up of Brett’s victory, from them. Monday I had the re-runs on the NFL channel playing all day and when it got around to Brett’s game I stopped to watch…..over and over.

The low is, of course, the shooting at Fort Hood, TX. I feel deeply for the families and for the victims. Just one reminder that we never know what the day will bring. Our world is so different from the one I grew up in and I hate where it’s taking us. That’s why a full moon, the weather, good friends and family ……….is still something to be happy with and to write about.

Essentially Esther