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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Yesterday I wrote a blog. When finished tweaking and ready to post, here came a disaster with the question, “Do you want to save the changes?” Like a big dummy I clicked on “no.” Zippo Zappo……..there went the blog. I would have written another but the dinner bell was ringing so it was tabled for the time being. I don’t know how you, the readers are, but some days there is not much air in my balloon.

Of all the “pondering” at the end of the day there was no post. When first writing I thought I must write daily as did John and later on, Becky. The three of us turned out a blog every day and enjoyed the feed-back from the comments.

It was like a honeymoon after a quick wedding. I didn’t have the computer very long until I tried putting out a blog with very little knowledge of the language, or how things worked. I would absolutely go into panic if the screen didn’t offer the desired outcome. After a long time, like a trained monkey I could produce and publish a blog. The excitement of those first published items of the honeymoon may eventually glide into a realistic marriage but it is never, ever, forgotten. The thrill lasts in a treasure of memories.

I still have the original Home Page that John designed for me. I still do not know how to put “links” in a piece being written. I did learn how to take pictures, feed them into the computer and retrieve them as well as “stealing” other pictures fitting to the post. The hunger of writing and posting is still in my veins. Facebook is not as exciting for a line or two is not like a good visit. Call me old fashioned.

My desire is to write with regularity again which is high on my list. Even if no one ever reads it there is still pleasure in the writing of a thought or an idea. The picture is of a stained glass window butterfly…..which represents new beginnings. Something that came across my desk recently was a Dakota Proverb. It reads, “We will be forever known by the tracks we leave.”

With a new beginning the journey will leave my tracts in many different places. I feel renewed and awake as if from a long sleep…………

Essentially Esther

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

HELEN KELLER.....Visionary 

For some reason Helen Keller has always fascinated me. To be blind is bad but how do you reach someone who is not only blind but deaf? Her teacher and Helen made a journey through time and space that has never been equaled. Who earns the most praise of their accomplishments?

I read a short piece from one of the books I periodically go over and one of the bookmarks was on a page of Helen Keller’s writings, taken (From) MIDSTREAM.

It is through her great faith that the world has been illumined for Miss Keller. In Midstream she has stated her creed as follows:

I believe that we can live on earth according to the teachings of Jesus, and that the greatest happiness will come to the world when man obeys His commandment “Love ye one another.”

I believe that every question between man and man is a religious question, and that every social wrong is a moral wrong.

I believe that we can live on earth according to the fulfillment of God’s will and that when the will of God is done on earth as it is done in heaven, every man will love his fellow men, and act towards them as he desires they should act towards him. I believe that the welfare of each is bound up in the welfare of all.

I believe that life is given us so we may grow in love, and I believe that God is in me as the sun is in the colour and fragrance of a flower - the Light in my darkness, the Voice in my silence.

I believe that only in broken gleams has the Sun of Truth yet shone upon men. I believe that love will finally establish the Kingdom of God on earth, and that the Cornerstones of that Kingdom will be Liberty, Truth, Brotherhood, and Service.

I believe that no good shall be lost, and that all man has willed or hoped or dreamed of good shall exist forever.

I believe in the immortality of the soul because I have within me immortal longings. I believe that the state we enter after death is wrought of our own motives, thoughts, and deeds. I believe that in the life to come I shall have the senses I have not had here. And that my home there will be beautiful with colour, music, and speech of flowers and faces I love.

Without this faith there would be little meaning in my life. I should be “a mere pillar of darkness in the dark.” Observers in the full enjoyment of their bodily senses pity me, but it is because they do not see the golden chamber in my life where I dwell delighted: for dark as my part may seem to them, I carry a magic light in my heart. Faith, the spiritual strong searchlight, illumines the way, and although sinister doubts lurk in the shadow, I walk unafraid towards the Enchanted Wood where the foliage is always green, where joy abides, where nightingales nest and sing, and where life and death are one in the Presence of the Lord.


Helen Keller, was the first blind/deaf person to earn a Bachelor of Science degree at the time this book was published.

Whatever limitations we are born with is never an excuse to do nothing. Life has proven the greater the obstacles the greater the desire is to overcome. God in His mercy gives a dream to follow and angels to lead the way.

Essentially Esther