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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Two or three of you will remember I received a surprise from John and Barb sometime back and said I would share with you. Then I got to thinking…….maybe I should not reveal it until Favre returns in the fall. John said it was some kind of commemorative shirt they were selling of the guys who had played long time with one organization. That explains why he’s in the green and yellow for the Packers.

I had a feeling if I didn’t wear it he would come back…….then I’d have my picture taken. I guess it’s safe to say……..he is back. I know he is a flawed man about making his mind up about certain things and it’s irked some of the people in the business and even some of his fans.

Hey! I know about not making your mind up. I can decide and then in an hour I don’t remember what I decided. That can be bad in football. I cringed when the Saints hit Brett in the Super Bowl. They weren’t satisfied with a sac………they wanted to kill him. My son John explained football is a rough game. Consider he lives 45-minutes away from the Super-Dome.

Favre is a living legend. All the games he has started…..never missed one. I’ve seen him take brutal punishment from the weather, his opponents and play the game of his life when his father died. He was unbeatable that night. What a game he showed us. He fought through a breaking heart because he said his dad would want him to play. His wife was dealing with breast cancer at one time and he lost a brother-in-law…….missed a lot of things but champions somehow find strength to turn tragedy into winning.

The will to succeed. Forget the pain, forget personal issues, rise to play another day. The gladiators….. how we fault them for being human…..they leave their blood and sweat on the field and we lap it up.

So here’s to the men who sacrifice their bodies for a game. My prayer is they will somehow reap a benefit from it all and find purpose after they leave….they surely are deserving of that.

Essentially Esther

Monday, September 13, 2010


Well, good morning to all. I’m going to try and get the week started off with a blog. Some of you have inquired with your concerns so I will let you know my health is good and I have no problems. Just good friends who care about me.

I have been taking Becky to our dentist in Springfield for a tooth that has caused her a lot of trouble in the past and present. She was referred to an oral surgeon so Friday they removed the tooth and she had the weekend to rest up for work this morning. When she is healed she will have to go back to have an implant put in rather than a bridge. Something new to me but they seem to think it’s the best way to go. Time will tell.

Rocky’s daughter, Holly and husband came our way over the weekend. The weather is ideal recently and they wanted to see the different springs around our area. They are picturesque as some of them have water-wheels to grind grains and others are more or less tourist attractions with the old mills looking out across ponds of water that drain off in creeks or rivers. The trees, rocks and running water make them most attractive. Missouri’s Springs are representative of the diversity in Nature we enjoy in our State.

I have woefully neglected my writing and answering emails. I’m working on it (for those of you who have asked) and hopefully will be back on track. I have been adopted by another kitten. Now I have three inside cats, and Mandy the dog. I have 5 cats outside and a peacock. I’m beginning to look like Noah’s Ark. Feeding these guys takes some time morning and night but when you love the what’s and why’s it isn’t work. I must have a lot of “cat” in me.

Mandy continues to be my biggest problem, if you will. She is stubborn, doesn’t like anything bothering her comfort zone……a picky eater but a glutton when it comes to my time to dine. She is a sweet little dog when she gets everything she wants. Must be a female trait. For you cat lovers out there…….the new kitten is a Calico.

Due to the lack of doing anything in a maintenance mode I need to stop and get to some necessary housework. I hope you’ve had a good weekend and Monday is good to you. Park your troubles at the door and give everyone a great big smile. We have just passed a sad date on the calendar that most of us were spared of seeing first-hand. As I watched the complete video several times on Saturday it reaffirmed how precious and fleeting life can be.

That’s one good reason to wear the smile I mentioned…………

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