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Monday, June 27, 2011


I was visiting a friend last Friday for the purpose of making cards. A heavy rain had fallen mid-morning and we were at the table, cutting and pasting. My back was to her double glass doors, but she noticed a movement outside and then we saw a doe with twins standing about twenty yards or so stepping out of heavy foliage.

What a treat! We kept our eyes on them and the doe was taking every precaution before moving again. She saw us in the doorway and stood motionless for around five minutes or so. Her little ones were moving about but without their spots we might not have noticed them. Finally, she moved a little at a time with the little guys following until they went out of sight.

When I see something like that it amazes me how God created all the animals, both big and small for man’s pleasure. Each so beautiful and intelligent it demands appreciation for all He has made. How beautifully and gracefully the doe moved along….keeping her eyes on her fawns and any danger that might appear. It was just wonderful to see them.

Getting back to our card-making we both agreed it was a special sight we just witnessed. She lives six miles out of the City Limits and with all the open fields and dense woods the deer are safe until hunting season. I always hate when that rolls around.

I’ll have to look and see if I can find some pictures to place with this. If not, hopefully the note will paint a picture along with your imagination.

Happy Monday to all.

Essentially Esther

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


As I sat drinking my coffee this morning, for some reason, my dad came to mind and I had a mental picture of him drinking his coffee. In an instant we were back at the old kitchen table where I always sat across from him. One of the “changes” in polite society hit me square in the face. Why? For one reason my dad always poured his coffee into a saucer and then blew on it to cool and then, down the hatch. This repetition went on until the cup was empty.

He would then take his spoon and quietly tap the saucer which was mom’s cue to pour another cup. She wasn’t degraded by the request. The old gas stove was behind her and she would get up, pour the coffee and sit back down. Many times dad would say, “Dort, while you’re up, get the sugar,”……or some other thing. My mother’s name was Dorothy but dad always called her Dort. When I was little, I wondered why but as an adult I know it was an endearing term between the two of them.

I never saw my dad kiss my mom. Never!! Yet I always knew they loved one another. Words were never a substitute for actions. The little things they daily did for one another was testimony enough. Mom used to say something she had read out of the old Capper’s Weekly paper which pretty well said it all. Though I don’t remember it exactly, it went something like…… “How much do I love thee? My actions will show.” If any of you know the proverb or poem, whatever it was, I would appreciate a copy.

But back to the saucer……it’s almost a thing of the past. Most dish sets come with a modified mug and no saucer. It came slowly from the neighborhood Diner’s to the kitchen table. A saucer is pretty much unnecessary without a cup. They are made precisely for one reason and that is to hold the cup. At first, mugs were middle-class but ever so slowly they began showing up in the finest of china.

Often times when I am in Flea Markets I come upon china saucers and their beauty is legendary. I pick them up for a dollar or so and give them a loving home to be used as soap dishes, a tiny tray for potpourri or whatever comes to mind. Their once proud place at the table they now find themselves in the poorest of circumstances....a Flea Market!

I pray I will stay true to my main purpose and do it well until I am found by someone who senses my value and welcomes me.

Father’s Day was yesterday. I love you Dad………..

Essentially Esther

Wednesday, June 08, 2011


A good thing about writing a blog is the surprise that happens occasionally. I heard from a cousin this week which was nice….. normally we only connect at Christmas each year. I had mentioned my mother’s quote in the last blog and it brought a memory back to her. She emailed to say my mother had written the verse in her Autograph Book many years ago.

She wrote about her family and her recent retirement. I was delighted to hear from her because my cousins, one aunt and one uncle are the only “family” I have other than my three children and their families.

Families used to grow up, get married and live in the same town for the rest of their lives. Working for one company until retirement age went missing after the onslaught of the electronic age. Families are thrust in every direction, going where the work is. And now we seem to be going through the same economic perils we’ve heard our folks talk about.

Personally, I’ve never been a kid who hated hearing about it. Growing up in the depression I loved hearing all the aunts and uncles discussing the bad times they had to deal with. There were a lot of aunts and uncles in those days and cousins to play with……it seems a mighty long way off now. One thing about the depression, it was universally cruel to everyone on every level.

Looking for work and money to feed the family was every dad’s responsibility. What didn’t sink in as a kid listening to the stories became reality when I became a parent. I realized how hard my dad worked for the small paycheck……while I didn’t make much to begin with, I was blessed along the way with job opportunities…..and better pay eventually.

One thing for sure, tough times and all, mom and dad were on the job as parents. I have to admire their effort in keeping things together until times changed for the better. I didn’t wish for a “better” life because I always thought that was what I had. Kids expected to wear “hand me downs” and patches on the knees where the fabric had been ground off in play.

The observation I’ve made is simple. “Better” isn’t always best. It is truth that “more” isn’t always better. We’ve all seen the plaque that says, “I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor. I’d rather be rich.” I am content to know that God gave me the years He has and sat me down where He wanted me to be. I cannot find it within myself to complain or expect better. I am rich in Christ and without Him we are nothing………..

Essentially Esther

Thursday, June 02, 2011


Time to connect with the blog world. Things have been busy around here. The kitchen floor is finished but I’m waiting on the carpenter to make a cabinet around the dishwasher. I’m not a “gadget” person and looked upon the dishwasher as one thing I could do without. That idea was while it was still hooked up. After it was unplugged I realized the usefulness and how much time it took to wash them in the sink.

The carpenter I have is in his 70’s and works slow but he’s retired and can fix anything from soup to nuts. He’s also very reasonable about his fees. He began all this a month ago so things have been piled around for some time. So long I almost look as bad as some of those tornado pictures.

So the floor is finished and looks much better and he will be back tomorrow as I understood him to say. He hasn’t been here since last Thursday. I have taken pictures along the way and will take more when the job is finished.

My birthday came and went. Becky had dinner for the occasion with her son, Jonathan, and family and friends attending. It was low-key and pleasant. I always look forward to cards and they all came in on Saturday which was the very day. Most everyone I know is from the same school. We don’t send cards without a letter along with it, which is special..

My dad was a character. Every year he would shake his cards…open them all up and shake, then say, “No dollar inside.” Of course one year I had to rig up a card with a dollar……and he got a big kick out of it. It’s funny little things like that are so remembered.

Our cool, rainy weather has finally stopped and we have been thrust into an oven with the days topping 90 and better. It’s always so hard on the flowers etc; and the mosquitoes run me right out of the yard. I’ve slathered myself with Avon’s Skin So Soft as it’s supposed to keep them away. It works pretty good so that makes it possible to stay out longer.

I have a bumper crop of poison ivy this year and I will have to pull that out. Long sleeves, pants and gloves keep me from getting it on me most of the time. It’s good to come in and take a shower just in case. I’m very allergic to it so I try to be careful.

This is a little ditty that’s been floating around in my mind all day so I’ll share it. “Give to the world the best that you have and the best will come back to you.” I don’t know about you but it seems like pretty good advice…………

Essentially Esther