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Monday, October 25, 2010


I have been busy doing yard work in this stellar weather we are having. I can hardly stay inside because I know this is a short thing and won’t be this way much longer. We’ve enjoyed the most wonderful fall we’ve had in years. I’ve trimmed back a lot of my bushes to reclaim some of the yard.

I’ve missed writing and I’ve had pictures to share so I came in to do a little posting. This picture is another of our girl’s day outing at Baker Creek Pioneer Village. It’s really the first thing we saw because of the way the path is to walk into the Village. Well, you can imagine our interest in this building. For those of you who haven’t traveled back in the woods where the road stops, you’ve probably never seen a real pioneer Ozark home..

The stove, and washing machine and various other essentials hung on the house are pretty much normal. Including the old dog chained to the porch. Usually it’s a hound dog but this looks like just a mutt. The picture is worth more than I can write about so feast your eyes.

Dode, our camera gal, wouldn’t let us take her picture but she took mine and Sharon’s so that’s the second picture. We are in front of the Seed Store and about ready for lunch.

Time to finish some chores so I will put the pictures in and hope you enjoy them.

Essentially Esther

Friday, October 15, 2010


Wednesday was “girls day” and we decided to put down our projects and drive to a place we’d talked about seeing for some time. It’s probably a 50-mile trip, just perfect for a little outing. This time of year is so pretty in the Ozarks…….not like any other place which I agree there are a lot of beautiful places. But the difference is, this is “home” and has been for 39-years now.

The weather couldn’t have been better. We had a nice breeze and the sky is the bluest in October than any other month. Baker Creek Pioneer Village is quite a place. The buildings are of rough cut lumber from a saw-mill I suppose and the interiors were rough but neatly done. They had everything needed as a Pioneer from a blacksmith and livery stable to cloth for sewing and household items.

We had an interesting lunch. It was almost closing time but they graciously invited us to have a seat and order. The menu was simple and changed every day. Since we went on Wednesday the menu was French fried sweet potatoes, a Mediterranean wrap and melon. The wrap came with two choices. A salad or a BBQ soy product. Everything we ordered was good and freshly made.

There was no menu at the table and they were out of the sweet-potato fries so they made regular fries for us. Everything we ate was grown on the grounds. We were waiting for a ticket when the young girl who waited on us said there was no fee for the lunch but there was a donation pitcher on the counter and we could leave what we thought the meal was worth.

I wonder how McDonald’s would fare with that?????

(Thanks to Dode for the picture.)

Essentially Esther

Wednesday, October 06, 2010


October didn’t disappoint me. We finally had relief from the continuous heat endured through September. I have clematis and crape myrtles still blooming and most of the pot flowers. The leaves are beginning to fall so it won’t be long until we have a killing frost. Mid-October is usually the best time for color. I will soon go from picking and drying flowers to leaf picking. The dogwood is brilliant red and the leaves will make nice color on the cards.

First I was too busy to write a blog and then I was too sick to write. I’m feeling better because I’m starting to look around and consider house-work. Problem being I’m not quite glued to the vacuum yet.

I’ve mentioned one of the stray cats who always chases Callie and I finally got a picture of the results. She is perched in the tree by the house and he is waiting at the bottom. When I realize she’s in the tree I go out and chase him. If I were a cat and an old lady screamed and chased me, throwing rocks and uttering vile threats, I think I would definitely stay away. I am convinced he has a bad hookup in his brain…..what little there is of it. He won’t stay out of the yard five minutes until he’s back with the same intentions.

The day is getting away here so I’d better get to some things that need doing. I hope your day is a nice one and you don’t catch a flu bug. They kind of ruin your fun for a while.

Keep looking up……..

Essentially Esther