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Sunday, February 20, 2011


Who and where we are is a matter of choice. Choices we’ve made all the way to where we are now. Some of us aren’t where we’d like to be or where we thought we’d be. In looking back over the years I can see the results of my choices and actions that followed. As kids we grow up doing what we’re told. Choices were made by our parents rather than ourselves. Sooner or later we are free to make our own choices in life but when they’re made hastily and then turn out wrong we need to own up to them.

We all know a few people who lead a pristine life. Everything is thought through with great detail. They live a beautiful life in their own beautiful world. I would venture to say maybe we only know one person like that. Most go with reckless abandon and the good sense they know is put in a corner.

World attention of the Egyptian peaceful demonstrations happened when a few people decided to be heard. It spread like wildfire’s on the prairie. Each person had to make the decision to join the movement or go with the status quo. It isn’t too healthy to disagree with Mid-Eastern rulers. Our own American Revolution came about when one man had a plan and talked to another man. They in turn talked to other men and soon there were enough men to stand up in defiance of the English rule. Because of their non-wavering faith and dream of freedom they put their lives on the line and most lost everything in doing so.

I had a fifth grade teacher named Beulah Browner. She was portly with a soft face that said we didn’t have to fear her. Miss Browner had a morning ritual when the bell sounded to begin class. We were to stand up and read aloud the Preamble of the Constitution of the United States of America which was written on the black-board. By the way……her handwriting was amazing. Every letter was perfectly formed and Mr. Palmer who originated the Palmer Method of Writing would have been proud of her. Can you imagine? We were even taught how to write legibly. Don’t see that anymore. Most of the teaching I was privy to has long gone by the wayside.

My point is, are we living in a rut? A world we invented with certain perimeters? Selected people are within and some people are without…..I’m wondering how many people drove past the homeless man that stood in the street to ask for food money. One day, someone stepped out of his world and found an unexpected result. A man who had the voice of gold. He also happened to be a person who could put the man in touch with a way out of his homeless life.

Some of us live in ruts we’ve made, good and deep. We don’t want out. But some put roots down and make something that connects with others. Where I live I am still amazed how a little acorn can make a root and continue on until in it’s natural lifetime grows into a giant that is useful. The first thing that happens is not a stem coming up to make a tree, no, it begins with a root reaching down deep to support a tree someday. Not just one root but the many who will grow to the exact circumference of the tree above.

However, ruts can be good in some ways and roots can be bad sometimes. I don’t like dandelion roots but I cherish the roots of my roses. Ruts in a world gone mad keep us steady for the tried and true. We cannot be swayed by things that are wrong. But then ruts with a closed mind is limiting. Roots are necessary for growth of anything. From the terra firma to us. We never stop growing.

So then, the difference of each is decided by the choices we make…………

Essentially Esther

Tuesday, February 08, 2011


It seems I’ve had many distractions to draw me away from getting back to my blog. My longtime friend, Rosalie, asked if I would let the blog go after getting on face book and I said “no.” So Rosalie, this is for you. Granted a little late but I’ll explain why if I can.

I hesitate to lay blame on the weather for most of my family and friends have had much worse to endure. However, once feet begin sliding on ice it becomes a great equalizer. I’ve always heard a person could drown in a cup of water. So if that be true, then a half inch of ice can bring down huge trees, power lines, old ladies and anything else that can be bent, broken, or collapsed.

I know in the area where I live it is true. My grandson works for a power company who has the responsibility of keeping trees and shrubs cut out from under the power lines. A half inch of ice can be devastating. I don’t remember the weight ratio but I was amazed when he told the destruction it could cause. A couple of years ago we had ice accumulation all over the south part of our State into the north part of Arkansas. Crews worked night and day to get power back for people over an area so large it was weeks before power was restored for all.

The pines that line the front of our property had limbs dragging on the ground. Each one of the pine-needles was encased in ice and the limbs simply couldn’t hold up under the weight. However, the fact we didn’t get the high winds they predicted saved them from losing limbs and/or being uprooted and falling onto the street. Becky said during the night she could hear limbs cracking and then falling. She was afraid they would hit the car, garage or house but they missed it all.

I’ve taken some pictures of our yard and will try to get them inserted to the blog. If they don’t show up it means blogspot is still not working properly. I don’t know what they’ve done but it sure is not helpful. I hope wherever you live you have managed to survive this onslaught in an historic weather year. I have kept the feeders and bird baths full, the cat population seems to be none the worse for the wear and Mandy is sleeping it off on the couch.

I play with my hobbies and I’ve long since given up sledding, making snowmen or angels in the snow. It’s more fun and less rigorous to stay inside and look out. It’s funny how our enjoyment changes over the years and our view of a good time. I have lived long enough to enjoy comfort. In fact, I demand it. For all the years I sacrificed comfort for many other things, I have come full circle and find what a good companion it is.

Life lived is all in the eyes of the beholder………

Essentially Esther