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Thursday, November 17, 2011


Today would have been Rocky’s eightieth birthday. It seems strange to think of him at that age for he was always young at heart and liked young people. He amazed men in the sport of weight-lifting with his strength and achievements. Had he lived without cancer it’s hard telling what he would have accomplished.

He had a big sister and brother who looked out for him and knew all the answers to his questions. I don’t know if they ever knew how much he loved them and respected them. It was safe being the baby of three.

Rocky was in love with Nature and her creatures. He always had an eye out for the under-dog and persistent in finding solutions for the sick, hungry and homeless. He was without a doubt the most charitable person I have ever known. He was happiest when everyone else was happy.

Contrary to what most people thought, he was a deep thinker. He was outwardly fun-loving but had a serious side as well. I cherish the six years we had together and the memories of a gentle giant with a big heart.

Happy Birthday Rocky…………

Essentially Esther

(The picture is a favorite of his brother, Richard. So I’m putting it on for him.)

Sunday, November 13, 2011


……an unusual thing happened. Becky was watching the cats while I was at the wedding of John and Erin. She called a few days after George and I arrived and had some unsettling news about the cats.

She came down to feed and water but when she opened the door she was hit with heat like a blast furnace. She went to the thermostat to check the temperature and it was 102* and then she saw my three kitties flat on the living room floor and they were in pretty bad shape.

Limp and dehydrated, she opened the windows and doors quickly, then filled the water bowl which was empty. Of course they drank all there was, trying to cool down.

Becky filled up two bowls of water and then checked the thermostat. She took the cover off and the two batteries were corroded. She knew where I kept my battery supply so she put two new ones in and waited to see if it would flare up again. She went home but came back a couple of times to check and two days later it had cooled down enough that the thermostat came on at it’s normal *72.

When she called I could hardly believe what she was telling me. Why do crazy things like that happen when you’re gone? I’m so thankful she was here to take care of things or else I would be without my pets and a home.

Just thought I’d write this in case you might want to check your thermostats if you are planning to be away. In fact, I think it’s a good idea to check it anyway.

Thanks to Becky my little brood is alive and well.

Essentially Esther

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Erin and John's Wedding 

The last time I blogged was October 20th. Since then I’ve been on a whirlwind in several different directions. The flower beds needed weeding and mulched before leaving on the 27th. It’s always easier to leave when the work has been done.

George (oldest son) came down on Tuesday (Oct. 26) and we left the next morning, putting us in Covington by 7:00pm. It has been almost 2-years since I’d been to visit and it was good to see John and Barb’s friends and then John and Erin’s friends once more. They are all long-time buddies so it’s nice to catch up with many of whom I am acquainted.

As in most wedding preparations things began to pick up speed the last two days. Shopping to be done and tables to be decorated in three different places. Lastly the fresh flowers were incorporated and things finished up nicely. The mothers did a great job of coordinating efforts and everything turned out on time and as planned.

Friends and families were arriving during the 2-days prior to the rehearsal and dinner which was Friday evening. The dinner was held in a building that used to be a church and convent but is now for serving dinner parties of all kinds. Very interesting Louisiana architecture in keeping with the surrounding area.

The next day the wedding was at 2:00pm and so most of the morning was spent in preparation. We arrived early and waited for the wedding party to arrive. The anticipation always creates an electric feeling throughout the church as people arrive and are seated.

Of course when the bride comes down the isle, all eyes are upon her and she was not disappointing. She was beautiful in white and I watched John’s face as she walked towards him…..somehow the groom always looks like he’s never seen his bride before. A nervous smile crossed his face and then the exchange of nuptials began.

After leaving the church we met the photographer who took pictures of the wedding party and close relatives. The backdrop was live-oaks with their long limbs outstretched…..simply beautiful and timeless in stature, a direct opposite to the newness of a wedding party.

We then went inside for the reception in the beautiful, old, plantation home, and if you’ve never been to a Louisiana wedding you have no idea what celebration is. It lasted until 6:00pm, followed by a party at John and Barb’s home.

The laughter and smiling faces throughout the house and lawn were constant and joyful. To sum up the whole affair, it was a matter of the heart and the beginning of two lives together. Two people who found each other to love above all others.

And may it always be……

Essentially Esther