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Thursday, February 02, 2012


How long has it been since you met a car and no one was talking on a cell-phone? When first introduced, cell-phones were helpful in many ways to those in need of them. They seldom found their way to those who didn’t see them as necessary. I am one who doesn’t like a lot of gadgets. Therefore, cell-phones didn’t interest me at the time.

How many hours a day are you free of sound contamination? From the time most of us get up until we fall in bed, we are beleaguered with sounds of every kind. I see joggers and bike riders with head-phones. Once outdoor activities were an opportunity to do some thinking or just letting our minds flatten out a little.

I think behind it all is my reluctance to change. I grew up and lived in an entirely different world. One day my generation woke up and all the rules were changed. I have always loved elderly people and history. Maybe I got lost in there somewhere. At any rate it was possible to be quiet, to have quiet and to respect others space about noisemaking devises. Cars didn’t go by with sound so loud it made the car shake.

I enjoy sports but the crowd noise makes me crazy. Malls are caverns of racket and voices echoing up and down the main walkways. Noise on every side in this day and age seem to make people stressed and anxious. Just so you know this isn’t all me talking, take notice and count your quiet times for one day ……you might be surprised.

It seems silence is the next endangered object to leave us.

Essentially Esther