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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


People come in and out of our lives during different stages of our journey. Some are brief and for some reason we lose touch. For quite a few years, America was on the move. We had neighbors move in and out on our street fairly often. Finally, I was the one to leave.

When we leave a neighborhood, there’s so much we think we will never miss. From rocks in a flower garden, to the neighbors who became friends, I expected things would go on much the same. I am not a professional “mover.” Therefore I had no idea how things left behind would become more precious and troubling as well.

As I think about it, I have only had two moves of some distance but with the last one, my intent was to never move again. The operative word there is “intent”…….I know it is folly to say “never” but it has now been forty-one years since moving on this little acre.

Computers help keep us in touch with family and friends as do cell-phones. However, today I had a letter from a dear friend that came out of the snail-box. My friend and I laugh and say we’re old fashioned and I know we are, but having a letter out of the mailbox was special, no matter what we are.

We have held the world in our arms and never flinched………..

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